Potty Talk

The Potty Talk workshop is designed for parents of children ages 0-3. The workshop explores the positives and pitfalls of popular potty-training methods and empowers caregivers to discover what works for them and their children. It will address frustrations, myths, and techniques around potty training, and demonstrate that there is no right way to potty train a child.

The course material covers such topics as:

  • Appropriate timing
  • Signs of readiness for your child and for you
  • Common toilet training methods and the pros and cons of each one
  • Potty training check lists
  • Differences between potty training boys and girls and examining common myths
  • Naps and nighttime training
  • Common potty-training challenges

Other notes: Participants can either choose to participate online or in person, please choose the appropriate time slot.

This program will be held online on Zoom.